Colours to complement your brand

Choosing the right coloured garments for uniform to complement your logo or brand

Catering and Hospitality - Brown UniformsColour psychology is a real thing. The colours put in front of us can make a difference to how we feel. Bargain hunters in supermarkets look out for the bold red or yellow special offer stickers, while the cool, blue waters of a sea or stream are sure to calm anyone’s mind.

If you’re looking to choose colours for your uniform, you may be tempted to go with your own personal favourites. However, there’s a lot to be said for the effect that a certain colour might have on your customers.


Blue is a tranquil colour, which has been proven to set peoples’ minds at ease. People wearing blue are viewed as easy to get on with, reliable and kind. These positive connotations mean that we’d recommend a visible chunk of blue for your uniform, such as an apron or polo shirt. It’s up to you which type of blue you go for, from a light baby blue right through to a deep navy or sparkling sapphire, but you can be sure that we’ve got a colour shade to match your ideas.


Catering and Hospitality - Red UniformsIf you’re looking for a bold statement, red is an option you should definitely consider. Associated with extroverts and confidence, this is one which is sure to make your uniforms noticeable. If your staff are going to work in a busy environment, red should be on your list. Scientists think that red gets its reputation from the fact that people turn red when they blush, attracting attention to the face. Tone it down, or go for head to toe red uniform. Red is loud and proud – maybe it’s exactly what you need?


Green has long been associated with serenity and security, perhaps because of its association with nature. Having said that, while some darker greens are very natural in appearance, we can also offer you uniforms in very bright shades of green, which you definitely wouldn’t find naturally.Catering and Hospitality - Green Uniforms


The TV series told us that orange is the new black, and much like the TV series, orange is seen as the colour of entertainment. Flamboyant and friendly, people wearing orange are confident, light-hearted and sure to bring a smile to peoples’ faces. Does that sound like the sort of thing you want your uniform to encourage? Go for a burnt orange to blend in with surroundings, or a nearly fluorescent option to really stand out.


There are a lot of connotations associated with wearing purple. Deep purples are wealthy, regal and opulent. Lighter purples conjure up images of mysticism and flower power. A relatively recent newcomer to the world of clothing, it’s easily combined with other colours if you’re not sure about such a modern newcomer. There are plenty of purple uniform options to choose from.


Black and white tones are a timeless mix. Just look at the piano’s keyboard. Contrasting beautifully together, the black and white wearer carries an air of respect, much like the smartly dressed business professional from the city. It’s also versatile and timeless, and looks just as home in a corner café as a smart city restaurant.

Choose your colours carefully when it comes to deciding on a uniform, as they could subconsciously tell a customer a lot about you!

Choosing the right apron

Choosing the right apron type for your catering business with Premier

With so many different types of apron out there, you’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to making a selection. With literally hundreds of combinations, you’re bound to find a Premier apron which works for you, no matter what your situation is.

Premier Aprons are one of the most versatile apron companies, stocking everything from a full length bib apron to waist aprons with practical pockets. We love them because they come in one of the widest colour ranges on the market – some are available in more than 50 different colours.

Bib ApronsPremier bib aprons are universally popular, particularly in the catering industry. We recommend that you start by considering the material you want. Premier offer bib aprons in breathable lightweight cotton, Fairtrade cotton, easy care polycotton or very hard wearing, heavyweight denim.

Fitting is really easy with a Premier bib apron. Many offer an adjustable neck piece, which allow the neck band to be lengthened and shortened with an easy slide clip. Practicality is well catered for, too. Premier’s aprons can be supplied with a large single or double pocket, which allow staff to stow away their essential tools of the trade.

Examine your colour options. If your company already has set colours, it’s quite likely that Premier offers a colour which will match it. Want more than one colour on your bib aprons? Check out the Contrast Bib Apron, which has a single vertical band of colour occupying one side. Want something even more eye catching? How about some stripes? Premier offer butcher apron style stripes – perfect for the builder or just someone who wants something a little more varied.

We can even offer you a sommelier apron. The wine buff will recognise this one, with its distinctive scooped neck and side pockets.Sommelier Apron

Unsure if a bib apron is right for you, or want to offer your hospitality staff a bit more flexibility? Check out the “2-in-1” option. It looks like a regular bib apron, but fold it in half and stash the neck tie away for a neat waist apron option.

If a Premier waist apron is more your style, you won’t be disappointed with the waist aprons which Premier have to offer. With the same great colours available as the bib aprons, long self coloured ties are offered across the range, allowing the wearer to wrap the ties around their waist and secure either at the front or back.Waist Aprons

Staff who need to carry items in their aprons are going to be really pleased with the level of thought which Premier have put into their aprons. Some have pockets big enough to carry a tablet computer or payment machine, while the zip waist apron offers the extra security of a zip closure for the pockets.

With the waist aprons on offer, a deciding factor could be the length of the apron. Premier can offer short waist aprons which fall above the knee, right through to the long, striped Gastronomy range, which falls down to near ankle level.

There are so many possibilities for you to consider, there’s sure to be a Premier catering apron which is perfect for you. You’ve come to the right place for your apron, so you’re sure to make the right choice. If you require any support, please contact us on 0191 666 1234 to discuss.