Have you got what it takes to be a champion chippy?

There are few things more British than a portion of fish and chips. Of course, they’re a hot topic for debate, as well as a great hot supper. Why did they stop serving them wrapped in newspaper? What makes the best chips? Are any of the modern alternatives as good as traditional cod? Perhaps most importantly – where’s the best chippy? It might be your local, or one you visited on holiday.

To help us make our minds up, the annual National Fish & Chip Awards were created 30 years ago.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. For those behind the counter, a nationally recognised award can make a real difference to their business. Previous winners report that staff are more motivated, and PR opportunities arrive in abundance. An uplift in sales as curious new customers come to sample their prize-winning fare could mean the expansion of their business to levels they’d never dreamed of. With 35 sponsors from the catering and hospitality trade, this is a serious competition. Pukka Pies, The Marine Conservation Society and Friar’s Pride make up an eclectic panel of respected organisations well known to those who fry fish for a living. Getting your establishment name known to these organisations is an amazing opportunity for business evolution.

There are 14 different categories where business owners can win. Separate awards for takeaways and dine-in restaurants mix with more modern awards, which recognise excellence in healthy eating, school meals, use of sustainable seafood, and responsible sourcing. The top prize, which generates the most interest, however, is the Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop. The full list of categories is available – Enter Here

2017’s winners were announced in January this year. With the country divided into 10 regions, the regional finalists for the Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop and the nominees for the 13 other categories came together at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London, where Kingfisher Fish & Chips from Plympton in Plymouth (www.kingfisherfishandchips.co.uk) won the title of the Best Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop. It was their third year of entry, and owners Nikki Mutton and Craig Maw were thrilled to take home the trophy. Also coming home with national recognition were Harbour Lights from Falmouth, who won Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant, and The Hip Hop Chip Shop from Salford, who won the Best Mobile Fish and Chip Operator Award.

If you’re looking to enter for a 2018 award, you need to submit your entry now as entry closes on June 30th for many of the categories, although the full list of closing dates for each category is available here: (Categories). You can enter free of charge online, and two lucky entrants will be selected to take part in a two-day course at KFE’s School of Frying Excellence, which will also include travel and accommodation costs.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the country’s best fish and chip fryer? If you’re a fish and chip shop owner, why not enter for 2018’s awards? Banksford will back you all the way, with our superb selection of fish and chip uniforms which are sure to impress the judges just as much as your fish and chips. Celebrate the great British fish and chip supper with the National Fish and Chip awards, and Banksford.


Picture of the winners with their trophy, from the Daily Express –

Picture of the winners outside their shop, from the Daily Express –

Official photos from the Kingfisher’s website