Our A-Z of Uniforms

Banksford’s A to Z of uniform

At Banksford, we think we stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of workwear uniforms, so
we’ve come up with a complete A to Z of our catalogue.

A – Aprons
Aprons are a key part of so many uniforms, and whatever you need an apron for, you can be sure
you’ll find a suitable apron at Banksford. Full aprons, cotton aprons, waist aprons, and even
tabards, all of which are designed specifically to put up with the demands of a hard working
professional environment.
B – Branding
Your brand is something which is unique and individual to you, so why not take the opportunity to
keep it on show by branding your uniforms? Banksford’s personalisation services can introduce you
to new ways to get your brand in front of the people who matter.
C – Clogs
Chefs are on their feet for hours, and it’s crucial that their footwear is comfortable and protects from
kitchen hazards like spilled liquids, slippery floors and extremes of temperature. Banksford stock a
wide range of professional grade clogs and other chef shoes to keep catering staff safe and
D – Denim
It’s not just for jeans! This tough cotton fabric makes it ideal for jobs where uniform needs a little
more protection than a standard cotton or polycotton fabric. Check out Banksford’s denim aprons –
contemporary and rustic in appearance, with a little more safety for its wearer.
E – Embroidery
There are many ways to personalise your uniforms, but for longevity and durability, we don’t think
you’ll beat our embroidery services. Wash, iron and tumble dry it – embroidery gives you a clear,
crisp premium way of putting your branding onto your uniform pieces.
F – Fabric
There are so many different fabrics to choose from, and Banksford offer something to fit every
budget and requirement, from budget friendly polycottons to tough leather.
G – Gilet
A great way to take your inside uniform to the great outdoors, these sleeveless jackets, sometimes
called bodywarmers, are really easy to wear, and can be colour matched to the rest of your uniform.
H – Housekeeping
Working busily behind the scenes to keep your premises neat and tidy, modern housekeepers are
so much more than cleaners. That’s why Banksford have uniform choices specifically designed for
them, including tabards with practical pockets, and polo shirts to keep them cool and comfortable all
I – Identity
Each business has its own unique identity, derived from your vision and values. If you’re looking for
a uniform to reflect this – maybe you want eco-friendly pieces, or a really bespoke look – Banksford
can help source key items to define your identity.
J – Jackets
If your staff work outside, they’ll thank you for a warm jacket as part of their uniform. Banksford
have smart fleece and soft shell jackets to keep them cosy, no matter what the weather has in store.
K – Kids
Kids love to be part of the team, so whether you’re looking for uniform for young members of staff,
or company branded items for little visitors, we’ve got plenty of options for youngsters. Aprons, polo
shirts, caps and many other items in our catalogue are available in child sizes.
L – Leather
Trusted for centuries, leather is one of the hardest wearing materials you’ll find at Banksford.
Leather aprons for the most extreme conditions, leather shoes and boots for kitchen staff, and
safety footwear for people working outside. Breathable, and easily waterproofed, leather items are a
high quality investment.
M – Modern
Image is everything, and that’s why Banksford moves with the times, stocking the latest items from
some of the industry’s top brands. Gone are the days of stuffy, starched hospitality uniforms in
monochrome colours. Say hello to contrasting colours, patterns and designs.
N – Natural
If you’re trying to keep your uniform choices as eco friendly as possible, Banksford can make that
happen. We stock a range of items made with natural fabrics like cotton and leather, and wherever
possible, we’ll source from Fairtrade suppliers.
O – Offers
Everyone loves a bargain, and because our stock moves so fast, we’ll occasionally have end of line
or out of season stock for sale at reduced prices. That’s on top of our already low prices on all items
we sell. Keep in touch with our social media Banksford Facebook and
Banksford Twitter for details on our latest offers.
P – Pockets
Who doesn’t use pockets? Particularly useful in the hospitality trade, they let your waiting staff stow
payment machines, notepads and pens safely, housekeeping staff keep their cleaning essentials to
hand at all times, and front of house staff keep phones, keys and tablets ready for action. Add
practical pockets to your uniform and you’ll never look back.
Q – Quality
You can be sure of great quality items and customer service when you buy from Banksford. Look at
our reviews from existing customers to see how happy they were with the Banksford experience
Banksford Reviews.
R – Retail
Retail workers need a uniform which is both practical and presentable, so take a look at some of the
smart options in Banksford’s extensive catalogue. Traditional shirts and blouses, smart trousers,
and ties and scarves to match your colour scheme are all available.
S – Screen printing
Looking for a quick and easy way to get your logo or message onto your uniform items? Screen
printing is a budget friendly way to do it. Ideal for those starting up, or looking for items for a one-off
special event, we use the latest technology to give you the crisp result you want.
T – Tie
An easy and affordable way to take your uniform up a notch, a classic tie from Banksford takes a
shirt from something casual to something more upmarket. Choose from a range of vibrant colours to
link ties to your colour schemes.
U – Unisex
Unisex outfits are becoming more popular each season, and Banksford stock uniform pieces which
look great on both men and women. Polo shirts, fleece jackets and sweatshirts are a great choice
for guys and girls.
You may not know it, but if you wear a uniform, the tax man might actually want to give you money.
Because Banksford do more than just sell you a uniform, our blog is full of useful information for
uniform wearers and purchasers – take a look at Tax Rebate on Uniforms.
W – Waterproof
Hot, steamy kitchens, al fresco dining, and the chill of a walk-in refrigerator – all of these scenarios
mean that your staff are going to encounter water. Be ready for it with waterproof options like shoes,
aprons and jackets from Banksford.
X – added eXtras
Sometimes small accessories can make or break a look, and Banksford offer the perfect
accompaniment to your uniform. We can provide the finishing touches to your uniform with our ties,
scarves and hats.
Y – Your logo
Banksford have been customising workwear since 2009, so we’ve got it down to a fine art. Choose
your items, select which of our methods of personalisation you’d like and send us your logo. We’ll
send you a full cost breakdown of what it would cost to add your logo to your uniform. Because we
do everything in house, we think it’ll be cheaper and easier than you think!
Z – Zandana
No, we didn’t make that word up. A zandana is something a chef wears on his head as an
alternative to the tall white hat, or the snugly fitting skull cap. You learn something new every day!

We hope you found our list very useful, Banksford are suppliers of uniforms and here to help you!