Planning a coffee morning for charity?

Cake sales and coffee mornings in aid of charity have become a really popular way to raise funds for a cause close to your heart. Macmillan Coffee Cup Just look at events like Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, Maggie’s bake sales, or The Big Tea Cosy for Breast Cancer Haven. Everyone loves cake and cookies, and we challenge you to find us a Brit who can turn down a good cup of tea. It’s no wonder that so many of us are happy to get involved in a coffee or cake sale to raise money for those in need.

For maximum impact, you’ll want to do a little bit of pre-planning to make the most of your event. We’ve put together a checklist, to get your event preparation off to the best start:

Sort out your “staff”

Who’s going to help out? You’ll want people to help bake cakes, and people who are happy to turn up and act as hosts, cashiers, and clean up staff. Bonus points if you can find bakers who’ll produce you some specialist items like gluten-free or vegan-friendly items. You can never have too many hands on deck, so get asking as soon as you can before diaries fill up.

Choose your date and venue

Once you’ve got an idea of who’s staffing the event, choose a venue to run your event from. Maximise your potential by choosing a location with plenty of passing people, on a day where plenty of potential customers will be passing by. An ideal time and place would be a sunny Saturday on the high street, perhaps when a big event like a carnival or concert has brought plenty of people to town.

Get the word out

With your venue and helpers organised, it’s time to let the world know. Put up posters around the local neighbourhood, leave leaflets in local businesses, and get on to as many social media pages as you can to let people know all about your event.

Stock up on sundries

You’ll be bringing cake, tea and coffee, and maybe your kettles, but think about customers. Some customers may want to buy items to take away with them, so make sure you’re set up for that by bringing in cake boxes, paper cones or disposable cups.

To price or not to price?

Naturally, you’ll want to raise lots of money, but you also want to tempt buyers with pocket-friendly prices. Discuss your pricing with your volunteers so that everyone’s agreed on what to charge, and if you’re feeling organised, produce some price labels or cards to place by the items for sale. If you’re working on an honesty box system, make sure your donation jar is prominently displayed, and secure.

Can the community help?

Get in touch with local businesses and tell them about your event. Not only might they be happy to display a poster for you, they may be able to donate supplies or match supporter donations.

If you’re looking to take your fundraising to the next level, Banksford can print your charity logo or message on to aprons or uniforms, to really show your dedication to the cause. Get in touch with Banksford today, and discuss your requirements. We wish you lots of luck with your fundraising!