Why let your uniform sink into the background? Asquith and Fox are all about practical pieces in the boldest colours. If you’re loud and proud, let it show in your uniform choices.

With an image based very much on the American “preppy” style, Asquith and Fox offer highly regarded premium polo shirts and chino trousers and shorts. Traditional fit polo shirts for men, and fitted polo shirts for women can be paired with a pair of Asquith and Fox chinos, in a range of colours and styles, depending on your requirements. All the items are designed to flatter the wearer, and have useful features like pockets, and fun features like zingy tartan lining behind the button panels.

A company which uses “Clash with confidence” as its logo is a bold one, but in this case, their confidence is well deserved. If you want your uniform to turn heads, Asquith and Fox are definitely the brand for your uniform.

Featured Products from Asquith & Fox

From £17.03 to £22.71 (ex. VAT)
From £6.86 to £9.15 (ex. VAT)
From £17.03 to £22.71 (ex. VAT)