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Chef Works

Chef Works are a leading manufacturer of chef’s coats, aprons, shirts, and headwear. They aim to produce innovate hospitality clothing at competitive prices, with a range that includes both front of house and back of house garments. With Chef Works, you can ensure your team is equipped with the correct workwear in all departments.

Uniforms for all your catering needs

Their Urban and Contemporary collections combine both style and functionality, complete with shirts, vests, aprons, and banquet coats. They use modern material technology with items such as their Cool Vent range, ensuring your workforce stays cool in the kitchen.

They manufacture a full scope of both men’s and women’s sizes to supply everyone in your team. Different quantities of Chef Works items are available from us, so you can make sure everyone is covered at a lower cost.

We can also provide customisation solutions to your garments when you buy Chef Works. We can print or embroider the logo or crest of your choice to help you complete your team’s look.

Chef works adhere to a strict code of conduct with their ethical standards. They work to ensure that all their sourced and manufactured materials are not only bound by the ethical laws of the country of origin, but that they meet Chef Works’ own multi-tiered standards and regulations.