Denny’s has one of the most comprehensive uniform catalogues. Smart corporate tailored items, essential blouses and shirts, chefs white, footwear for all industries and accessories like hats and aprons are all available from this Surrey based company.

Not only does Denny’s have an extensive catalogue, it also has one of the most prestigious histories, with records of the Denny family providing services to the wealthy residents of London. In 1893, the first advertisement for Denny’s Hosiers appeared in the press, and the business continued to grow and expand from its Compton Street base, just about surviving a bombing in WW2, and receiving a Royal Warrant in 2012. Manufacturing moved to family owned plants in China, Pakistan and Portugal, maintaining the link with other family brands, but the company’s roots and staff remain firmly in the UK, where they collaborate with chefs and industry experts to bring the items which real people want to the market.

Featured Products from Dennys

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