If you are looking to apply your logo or branding onto garments then our aim is to guarantee you the best results possible. We do this by offering you choice, excellent quality, brilliant service and value for money.Logo Examples

We want your completed uniform to give maximum impact which creates an excellent first impression on your audience. A key factor when branding uniforms is to bare in mind both the wearer and the environment in which the uniform will be worn, it is therefore key that your uniform is branded suitably for purpose.

We have been branding uniforms since 2009 and we would like to offer you professional support in selecting the correct garments along with the preferred personalisation options for your logo or design. We will listen to your requirements and take you through a simple process to ensure we deliver your project on time and as requested.

We offer a full range of solutions and personalisation methods for adding your logo onto clothing, these include embroidery, screen printing, digital transfers and direct to garment printing.

Below we explain briefly each method of personalisation and if you have any further questions, please call a member of our experienced team on 0191 666 1234 and we’re happy to help.

Embroidery ThreadsEmbroidery

  • Long lasting and durable
  • Up to 15 thread colours per logo
  • Ideal for left chest and sleeve logos and text only designs
  • Over 400 thread shades

Embroidery is a popular method of applying a logo or design onto fabric. We convert your logo design into stitches which is then saved into an embroidery format which can then be sewn onto garments using specialist embroidery equipment.

Embroidery pricing is based on stitch count, a bigger more colourful design means more stitches and we can embroider up to 15 colours in any one design. You can supply your logo or design to us in most file formats for conversion into embroidery format including .jpeg, .eps, .ai, .pdf and .png

Screen Printing OperationScreen Printing

  • Long lasting and durable
  • Design colours can be Pantone matched
  • Ideally for larger designs with 1,2,3 or 4 colours
  • Minimum of 25 units and popular for high volumes

Screen printing is a traditional and extensively tested method of applying designs onto fabrics. Screen printed designs are extremely durable and prove to be a cost effective solution when you are looking to produce higher volumes of garments. Single colour designs are most popular, however you can print up to 8 colours. Each colour in your logo is a layer, inks are then layered onto garment through a mesh screen with a curing process in between colours to form the full design.

A simple example screen printed design would be the UK flag, you would have a white layer of ink applied first, then the blue and finally the red. The UK flag would therefore require 3 mesh screens to apply onto garments.

Screen print pricing is based on the number of screens used along with the quantity of garments. Ideally we require your design supplied in a vector format, either .eps or .ai format.

Digital Logo Printing for ClothingDigitally Printed Logo Transfers

  • Perfect for full colour digital designs
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Ideally for smaller designs
  • Transfers can be cut into shapes

Digital printed transfer is where we print full colour images onto specialist vinyl which is then heat applied onto garments. Transfers can also be cut into shapes or we can contour cut around your custom design. Digital transfers sit on top of the fabric once heat pressed, you can achieve crisp, sharp bright CMYK colours to show image details clearly.

Transfer printing prices are generally based on size of design and volume of order, this is a preferred method for designs or logos which have complex colours and shading aswell as small order volumes. You can supply your logo design in many file formats, preferably .eps, .pdf or .ai but also .jpeg, .png and .psd. Digital transfers can be applied to most garment types including polyester, cotton and polycotton.

DTG Direct to Garment Printing exampleDirect to Garment Printing

  • Ideal for complex coloured designs
  • Great for cotton garments
  • Can print up to A3+ size
  • Perfect for low order volumes

Direct to garment also know as DTG printing works in the same way as a home or office printer, rather than paper we print directly onto the fabric or garment. All garments are pre-treated with a solution to ensure the ink adheres to fabric but does not permeate through. This ensure yours full colour image stays clear and bold. We can print onto any coloured garment, this is generally achieved with a white base layer ink and then design is printed directly on top using specialist CMYK inks.

DTG is popular with complex, full colour designs and perfect for 1 to 25 garments with a design size no more than 12 inches by 16 inches.

Shirt with CAD Cut Vinyl CAD Cut Vinyl (Also known as Heat Pressed Vinyl)

  • Suitable for simple, bold, single coloured designs
  • Up to 30 fixed vinyl colours available
  • Perfect for low to medium volume orders
  • Sharp, clean   looking finish

Heat pressed vinyl is a cost effective solution for applying basic logos in smaller volumes to fabrics. Vinyl is available in a range of fixed colours, basically we cut your logo, design, text or numbers out of vinyl and then heat under high degrees of pressure is used to apply onto garments. We can layer vinyls, so if your logo is made up of 2 or 3 colours we can cut each layer and then apply on top of one another (Very similar to screen printing)

Ideally we would prefer your logo or design supplied in a vector format, saved out in either .eps or .ai format. Pricing is based on complexity and number of colours in logo. There are specialist vinyls for various fabrics in which they are being applied too including cotton, polycotton, nylon or polyester. Colour ranges and special effect vinyls available will vary depending on fabric type.

Sublimation Printing ExampleSublimation

  • Ability to permanently print complex, full colour designs
  • Printing on polyester fabric only
  • White fabric is generally the base garment colour
  • Low, medium or high volume orders

Sublimation printing is a scientific method of transferring logos or designs onto polyester garments, we print your design onto specialist papers using sublimation inks and then the ink is released permanently from the paper directly onto fabric. This is achieved under high degrees of pressure and heat. This process is very durable and permanent but is only available on polyester (normally white) garments.

Common Questions

How do we supply logo artwork?

Supplying Logos or Designs – We work with most file formats, however we prefer a high quality logo or design in the following formats;

Preferred Logo Quality – Vector format or 300dpi +

Preferred Files – JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, PSD, TIF or AI.

I don't have a logo, can you help?

Our aim is to help with your branded clothing requirements.

Speak to us today, we will be honest and let you know if we can help or not.

How do garments wash with personalisation?

We recommend tried and tested washing instructions for our personalisation processes including garment types. The wearer must ensure guides and advice is followed.

Can I have text only designs?

Absolutely, we can personalise garments as you require.

Can you deliver a project urgently?

We manage and control our workload, therefore we have and will continue to work with clients whom require an urgent service.