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Premier Workwear

The range of Premier Workwear clothing we stock caters for the hospitality, corporate, beauty, and healthcare industries at an affordable price. Premier design their garments with inspiration from the latest high street fashions. They use a vibrant colour palette and excellent fabrics to give your business the best of modern style, always with a practical approach.

Practical and durable workwear

We offer an Essential range of Premier Workwear’s fundamental garments, like aprons and chef’s jackets, to provide quality catering clothing on a budget. The Premier Artisan collection comprises of workwear uniforms made from superior materials and intricate design details, ideal for front of house staff.

Our Premier clothing comes in a range of sizes with different quantities available to meet the requirements of your workforce at a lower cost. We also offer a print or embroidery customisation service on Premier items, to give your business the professional edge.

Premier Workwear aspire to maintain the highest sustainable and ethical standards possible. Their clothing materials are sourced from farms that practice resourceful farming and they use the most natural materials possible. They also ensure that they work with manufacturing partners who uphold the best social standards to promote the fair treatment of workers.