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The introduction of Antimicrobial Uniforms

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Now more than ever, it’s important to keep unwanted bacteria and viruses out of our workplaces and maintain a hygienic environment for staff and customers. We’re not just talking about wearing PPE in kitchens. Hard surfaces and workplace textiles like bedding and towels can be treated with powerful chemical products to eliminate pathogens, ensuring that they’re sterile and ready for immediate usage, but it’s much harder to apply those “clean room” principles to staff uniforms. With this in mind, Banksford has introduced an exciting new line of antimicrobial workwear from Premier Workwear, offering extra protection in the form of futuristic built-in antimicrobial textile technology. These products include premier black catering gloves, bib aprons and face coverings all manufactured using Viroblock technology.

Why choose antimicrobial uniforms?

Even before the arrival of covid, we all knew that bacteria was not something we wanted on our uniforms. Not only can it lead to unpleasant smells and stains, but it can damage the fabric and cause the colour pigmentation to fade or alter, and shortening the life of the garment. However, it’s a fact of life that bacteria exist naturally on the human body as well as our surroundings, and is going to get transferred to clothing during normal use.

While no garment can guarantee 100% elimination of risks, investing in antimicrobial uniforms could certainly reduce the risks to staff and customers, as well as lessening the chance of contamination across the workplace.

What makes this range antimicrobial?

Premier Workwear has worked with Swiss company HeiQ to introduce the Viroblock treatment technology into the antimicrobial range of Premier’s textiles. Viroblock fabric treatment was originally developed to help combat the Ebola virus in 2013 [1]. Face masks originally made for the 2013 outbreak were tested again in 2020 and showed no sign of the Viroblock protection degrading. An Australian study in the same year showed that HeiQ Viroblock was 99.99% effective against covid, with no trace of the virus on the treated fabric even after 30 minutes of exposure.

What you may not expect to see is that HeiQ is powered by silver, a natural product. Scientists have known for years that silver has antimicrobial powers [2], and is effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses. Silver ions hunt out the microbes, building a wall around each cell to stop them taking in whatever they need to grow, and halting emissions of infectious particles. Once inside the microbe, the silver ions tamper with the microbe’s DNA, stopping it from replicating, and once it has contro of these functions, it interferes with the microbe’s respiratory system, which effectively strangles it from within. A ruthless, efficient and entirely natural assassin.

While this line of products is not intended to replace mandated personal protective equipment like face masks, it offers a reassuring extra layer of protection to your already robust hygiene measures.

What can antimicrobial treatment do for me?

Wherever you work, you’ll know the importance of meeting the all-important health and safety requirements. It’s particularly important in places where items such as chairs, tables, and menus are exposed to many different customers, and therefore many potential methods of contamination. Choosing an antibacterial uniform will give you the peace of mind that you’ve got one less item to worry about when it comes to possible infection sources. It’s effective, clean and safe, and will have a genuinely positive impact on your business.

At Banksford, we know that our customers have safety and hygiene in mind when they’re buying from us, whether that’s bib aprons, polo shirts, or our competitively priced multi-buy Banksford aprons with your own logo, which is why it means a lot to us to be able to offer you even more bacteria protection, whichever industry you work in. We know that clothing with antimicrobial treatment is no longer just the domain of hospitals and healthcare facilities and that customers from restaurants, gyms, hotels and vet surgeries want access to this game-changing technology.