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Westford Mill

Westford Mill manufacture of a range of bags, from stylish accessory pouches to large shopper bags for carrying bulky weighted items.

Quality bags for your team and clients

Many of their products are made from the highest-grade premium cotton available to produce a bag which is not just strong and durable, but rich in its natural cotton colour too. These bags offer a strong and natural resistance to the stresses of weight, allowing you to carry heavy items without the risk of breakage.

They also supply their very own Earthaware bags, made from 100% environmentally friendly organic cotton canvas. It makes an ideal shopping bag and has a handle that can be carried over the shoulder or by hand.

These bags come in a variety of colours, and when bought in large quantities, allow your business to market its own brand profile with its name, logo, or crest printed or embroidered on them.

The totes especially would make a great item to give away or sell as part of a promotional campaign, allowing people to showcase your brand as they go about their business. At Banksford, we can provide the customisation solutions you need on these Westford Mill bags.

Whether through the products they sell or the labour standards they adhere to, Westford Mill are committed to upholding only the highest ethical and sustainable standards possible.