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Beechfield offer a wide range of professional headwear such as chip shop hats, hi-vis beanies, and teamwear caps. They also produce baseball caps, trucker hats, and sun hats among many others.

Headwear for any profession

Their Sports Tech and Technical Outdoors collections are designed and fabricated to protect your staff from the unique challenges of the elements. They also place a sharp focus on sustainability as well as style, with Organic and Sustainable collections entirely devoted to these principles.

A selection of colours is available for Beechfield teamwear caps, allowing your business to complete its look with consistency and style. We can supply Beechfield hats in multiple quantities too, making sure your entire workforce is covered at a lower cost.

At the ‘cutting edge of rebrandable fashion’, Beechfield design all their products to work well with personalised branding. We can also offer the customisation solutions of your choice, allowing you to print or embroider the name, crest, or logo of your business for a unique finishing touch.

Beechfield operate according to an ethical policy that protects and rewards every individual involved in the manufacture and supply of their products. Their field-based staff carry out full audits on all their manufacturing partners to ensure their ethical standards are constantly maintained.