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SOL’s design and manufacture a range of simple and timeless customisable clothing. Their aim is to create modern garments using the best possible fabrics that allows your business to communicate its personal brand image effectively.

Timeless clothing for customisation

They offer a range of shirts for your team to wear in a hospitality environment, from stripey shirts for a charming look, to the classic American contrasting long and short sleeved t-shirts. A host of colours are available for your team to match the look of your business. For more active or adventurous groups, there is also a selection of fun camo shirts.

SOL’s design their garments from different polyester or cotton fabrics to complement the various conditions your staff may work in. They produce garments for men and women and offer a range of sizes to suit all your employees. Different bulk quantities are also available from us, to meet the size of your workforce at a better price.

These SOL’s items are designed especially to have your organisation’s logo, name or crest printed or embroidered onto them. At Banksford, we can provide this customisation solution for you to help make your business look its best.