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Brook Taverner

Brook Taverner manufacture a range of suits, jackets, trousers, and outerwear, and are regarded as the benchmark for sleek and professional corporate uniforms. They offer 10 different collections across their range to provide durability, comfort, and style within different public-facing environments.

Professional, sleek, and distinguished uniforms

Their Sophisticated collection is designed for work teams in the management, hotel, and finance sectors, blending lightweight fabrics with superior design attributes for a perfect fit.

Collections like their Today and One ranges are ideal for front of house, hospitality, and educational establishments. Each item is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday wear in the workplace by ensuring a flexible fit which doesn’t stifle.

Whatever uniforms are required, Brook Taverner supply a wide range of sizes for both men and women across all their collections to fit your entire workforce.

We can also add the printing or embroidery solutions of your choice to complete your Brook Taverner uniform and give your business the superior edge.

Brook Taverner believe in adhering to the highest possible ethical standards all along the chain of supply. As such, they have formulated their own extensive list of policies and regulations for everyone involved to follow. They are also committed to operating a responsible, environmentally respectful, and sustainable business. They endeavour to continuously improve their environmental performance where possible and are proud to work with suppliers who share their views and values.