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Towel City

Towel City are committed to bringing towels, robes, bedwear and other products to the hospitality market at an affordable price. They provide luxury towels, face cloths, sports towels, hospitality towels, matching pyjama sets, and a bridal range of garments for any hospitality needs.

Quality bathroom and bedwear products

Their luxury towel and pyjama sets are the ideal choice for a hotel or spa, whilst their sports towels are perfectly designed for a gym or sporting environment, offering a wide variety of colours to match the look of your business. They also have a selection of different fabric piles, weights, stitched borders, and hanging loops on their products, to suit whatever preferences you may have.

At Banksford, we can personalise any of these items when you buy Towel City products. Whatever customisation solutions you require, we can sort it for you and help polish off the final touch to your business.

Ethical trading and respect for human rights are core company values at Towel City. They take very seriously the need to uphold the highest values and have published their own extensive set of rules and regulations which they adhere to.